⭐️💕💖Exam Survival Kit💖💕⭐️ for All the Family✔️💯⭐️ Exam Focus, Calm & DeStress⭐️✔️💕✔️⭐️✔️💕🌿🌸

🌿Rosemary is known for its ability to help with Memory and Focus so our Temple Balm is perfect during Exam time 💜CalmBalm RollOn is specifically made for times of Nerves and Stress- put on wrists and neck it’s is very soothing - for major panic attacks roll it up and down your inner forearm💕😘 Hormones! Well what can I say! Kids have that to deal with too and this is where our gorgeous chamomile Geranium& Lavender Cream can help too💜 Chamomile is Calming, Lavender Soothing and Geranium is an all powerful leveller- perfect for balancing out nature’s precious little addition to exam time 🤣😂😭🤐 can be used on hands, face and neck during the day but also at Bedtime- rubbed into the feet it will help relax an over worried mind and Sleep💤. Also there is Lavender Mist- great if overheating misted over face or put on pillow or clothing PLUS a gorgeous Lavender Bath Creamer made with Cocoa and Shea Butter💕 Now, there is absolutely no reason why the rest of the family can’t be using this too- helping to help you help them✔️💯🌺😘

This whole set is perfect for anyone needing help getting through any of the difficult times in life- it’s a great set 😉

Exam & Stress Survival Kit💖💕⭐️ for All the Family✔️💯⭐️


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    Herbs on the Hill is a beautiful shop based in Frome, Somerset, where we make beautiful, pure and natural aromatherapy soaps and herbal balms, creams, lotions and potions, teas and outstanding botanical loose incense.

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