Bright and crisp, both energizing and uplifting. Grapefruit is recommended by some authorities for treating eating disorders, both anorexia and overeating, when they stem from lack of self esteem. It seems to create a feeling of internal buoyancy. Of all the citrus oils, Grapefruit is by far the most energizing. It makes us all want to get up and move! Physically, Grapefruit oil is also helpful in treating oily skin and hair. Recommended as part of anti cellulite blends because of its toning and astringent effects. It has been shown to stimulate the lymphatic system, and thus help the body remove toxins. Recent research has also shown that inhaling Grapefruit Essential Oil may help reduce the craving for sweets. Couple this with its energizing effect, and it's clear to see Grapefruit essential oil is truly the dieter's friend.

Grapefruit Essential Oil 10ml


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